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Filming of ‘Good Burger 2’ Kicks Off In Providence Rhode Island

Filming got underway on location in North Providence, Rhode Island for “Good Burger 2.” Kenan Thompson and co-star Kel Mitchell took time for fans during filming Friday to sign autographs and take selfies.

“Good Burger” originated as a sketch on the Nickelodeon series “All That” in which Mitchell starred as Ed. It was then spun off into the 1997 film. It proved to be a box office success, grossing just under $24 million.

In the sequel, Dexter finds himself down on his luck. Ed happily gives Dexter his old job back at Good Burger, which now has a “zany new group of employees.”

Carlos Munoz @readcarlos from Boston Globe Rhode Island tweeted,

“Filming started Thursday on #GoodBurger2, and a steady stream of fans visited Mineral Spring Avenue and Smithfield Road hoping to catch a glimpse of the cast — SNL great Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell.”

Munoz also took video and pictures of the event.

The movie will be produced by Nickelodeon Studios and will debut on Paramount+.

“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?”

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