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Evander Holyfield Gets Dropped in the First Round

Evander Holyfield’s attempt to launch a boxing comeback at the age of 58 ended after less than two minutes.

Holyfield was on shaky ground as soon as former UFC star Vitor Belfort landed a punch.

He was soon dropped by Belfort and the referee waved the fight off before any serious harm was done to Holyfield, who is a former world champion.

Holyfield was not happy with the ending, saying: "I’m not hurt. It’s kind of sad. It is what it is; I think it was a bad call, I think the referee shouldn’t have stopped the fight that quick."

Holyfield had stepped in at a week's notice to replace Oscar De La Hoya whose own comeback was put on hold after he was hospitalized with Covid-19.

He last fought in 2001. He was hoping for a rematch against former rival Mike Tyson with an impressive performance against Belfort, who is 14 years younger.

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