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  • Ed Gaines

Eric Andre Says He Was Racially Profiled at Atlanta Airport

Eric Andre claims he was racially profiled by officers while waiting to board a Delta flight out of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

The 38-year-old comedian wrote a tweet directed toward Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms: “Two of your officers stopped me on the jet bridge at terminal three in the Atlanta airport for a ‘random’ drug search."

In a separate tweet he noted that he was the only person of color in line at the time, and added, “@KeishaBottoms I know this isn’t the PD you want representing in your airports. #racism#racialprofiling#jimcrow#racistwarondrugs@delta."

Shortly after, Andre revealed that they let him go and updated fans that he was safely on the plane and in the air.

“I’m fine now but I want this reported,” he added. “Please any Atlanta lawyer reach out to me. @KeishaBottoms#racialprofiling#jimcrowgeorgia terminal T3 Atlanta airport.”

Bottoms soon responded to Andre’s tweets, telling the “Bad Trip” star that Atlanta police officers were unlikely the culprits.

“Sorry to hear about your experience,” she tweeted in response. “It’s my understanding that this was not APD, but another one of the many agencies working in the airport. We are working to confirm.”

“Thanks for responding. It might be @DEAHQ looking for answers,” Andre replied, going on to add on his own page, “I’m hearing it’s the @DEAHQ and not @Atlanta_Police please give me answers DEA!”

He continued, “So glad to hear Atlanta PD doesn’t operate like this, but who was the agency that interrogated me and why does ATL allow an agency with those kinds of random search rules to operate in one of the busiest airports in the world?”

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