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  • Ed Gaines

Eddie Murphy Stopped Acting After ‘Sh*tty Movies’ Earned Him Decade’s Worst Actor Razzie

Eddie Murphy said he stopped acting after “sh!tty” movies earned him Razzies.

The “Coming 2 America” star said, “I was making s!itty movies. I was like, ‘This sh!t ain’t fun. They’re giving me Razzies…Motherf*ckers gave me the ‘worst actor ever’ Razzie. [So I thought], ‘Maybe it’s time to take a break.’”

He continued, “I was only gonna take a break for a year, then all of a sudden six-years go by, and I’m sitting on the couch, and I could sit on the couch and not get off it, but I don’t want the last bunch of sh*t they see me do [to be] bullsh!t.”

Murphy’s rebound with “Dolemite” led the Razzie Awards to give him a corrective prize at the 2019 ceremony with the Razzie Redeemer Award.

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