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  • Ed Gaines

Eddie Murphy Returns to ‘SNL’, Rips Bill Cosby: 'Who is America's Dad Now?'

Eddie Murphy made his return to "Saturday Night Live" after 35 years over the weekend. His monologue included comedy giants Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

Eddie opened the show by talking about his 10 kids, getting a joke off about Bill Cosby in the process:

'I actually have 10 kids now. My kids are my whole life now. And if you would have told me 30 years ago that I would be this boring stay at home, father of 10 house dad, and Bill Cosby would be in prison, I would have took that bet."Who is America's dad now?”'

(Back in the 80’s, Cosby called Eddie and berated him about all of the cussing in his act. Cosby called him out as being a bad role model to his kids.)

During the show, Eddie reprised some of his best roles like Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, Buckwheat, and Gumby.

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