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  • Ed Gaines

Dwayne Johnson Stuns Fans with Pics of His HUGE Cheat Day Meals

Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has revealed his latest cheat meals and the enormous portions he enjoys.

The Rock keeps himself in tip-top shape to star in Hollywood action movies, but when he’s not on a strict diet for a big role, the movie star loves to munch on sweets.

His social media pages are loaded with pics of his epic cheat meals.

From plates stacked with a dozen pancakes to massive slices of cheesecake, sushi and cookies, when he has a cheat meal, Dwayne often eats meals that could easily feed a family.

One snap shows The Rock can polish off a whole sharing-sized sushi platter by himself, and will sometimes eat two burgers in one sitting.

Another picture shows the actor diving into a pizza fresh from the oven, with an additional three pizzas lined up next to him.

Pancakes and cookies as well as impressive slices of cheesecakes are on The Rock's cheat day menu.

One snap shows the star lining up three tubs of ice-cream and cookies.

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