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DoorDash Driver Drops Pizza on Ground, Stuffs it Back in Box (Video)

A Detroit man’s dinner was spoiled when the DoorDash driver who was delivering his pizza dropped it on the ground, then stuffed it back in the box.

Problem is, the whole thing was caught on a doorbell camera.

The man. Who ordered the pizza said he and his wife watched from their doorbell camera as the delivery driver arrived.

He said, ”When the guy was walking up to our porch, we saw that he was holding the pizza bag vertically.”

When the deliver guy took the boxes out of the bag, since he was holding the bag vertically, the pizza slid out of the box and onto the ground.

Rather than admitting the mistake, the delivery driver shoved the dirtied pizza back into the box and placed it back down on the porch as if nothing had happened.

The man and his wife had to file a complaint with DoorDash. He said the company refunded his money.

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