• Ed Gaines

DJ Khaled Throws Tantrum After New Album Debuts at No. 2

DJ Khaled is fuming at his label after his new album, “Father of Asahd,” failed to debut at the top of the charts.  It debuted at No.2.

A source says, “He stormed into Epic with an entourage."  And when projections showed his new record looked likely to come in second, “he was angry and yelling. He threw a temper tantrum,” blaming the # 2 album placing on his label chiefs’ not understanding streaming services and bundle deals.

A second source added, “No. 2 won’t do for Khaled. He was not happy when the album didn’t debut at No. 1 . . . Not happy at all.”

An industry insider added: “He was furious. There was some nasty stuff said. Publicly, he’s all about ‘positivity,’ but there is a mean side to him that people don’t see . . . He overhyped the record and blew it up as his biggest album ever.”

Turns out it wasn’t.

“Father of Asahd” debuted behind LA rapper Tyler, the Creator’s fifth studio album, “Igor” — despite an aggressive PR push by Khaled’s team that included a “Saturday Night Live” appearance and a Pepsi #Summergram kickoff event in New York.

The album features guests Cardi B, Meek Mill and SZA.


Another insider said Khaled went off when an estimated 100,000 downloads of his album that were sold through a bundle deal with an energy drink weren’t included in his sales by Billboard. The source said, “Khaled was upset that his label wasn’t fighting for him and fighting for those numbers to count, which could have propelled him to No. 1. They don’t get it.”

Meanwhile, Sony, which owns Epic and also reps Tyler, “is happy regardless. Their artists were No. 1 and No. 2.”

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