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Derek Chauvin is On Suicide Watch Ahead of Sentencing

Ex-cop Derek Chauvin is on suicide watch after being found guilty on all three counts of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.

Chauvin faces a minimum sentence of 12.5 years and maximum of 40 years for second-degree murder. He will only be sentenced on that charge because all three stemmed from the same crime.

The former officer is expected to file an appeal of his conviction.

Until then, Chauvin will be spending all of his time at Minnesota’s only maximum security prison, MCF-Oak Park Heights.

No prisoner has ever escaped from MCF-Oak Park Heights, which sits about 25 miles east of Minneapolis near the Wisconsin border and houses around 500 of the most high-risk inmates in the state.

Chauvin is being closely watched by guards to ensure his safety, not just as a suicide risk, but also from other inmates.

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