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  • Ed Gaines

Chris Brown Has A Yard Sale That LAPD Wanted Shut Down

Chris Brown had a massive yard sale in front of his house and he invited the public. Cops even tried shutting it down using a law that doesn’t exist.

Chris posted his personal address announcing he’d be selling marked-down designer items.

Cops caught wind of this and paid Chris a visit in an attempt to cancel the event. An LAPD officer went to his house telling people they couldn’t have a garage sale because they don’t have a permit. Chris' lawyer got involved because permits are not required in the City of L.A. where Chris lives.

Cops then tried to shut down the garage sale because of fear the crowds would be too large. 

As the garage sale went on, cops drove around patrolling.

Law enforcement say they were concerned about "the impact of the garage sale on the community" and "the safety of the people who are there.”

Waiting in line was apparently worth it. One person spent $500 on vintage items and another said he also spent $500, but claimed it was probably worth around $3,000.

Chris Brown was not at the garage sale.

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