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Cardi B Offers to Pay the Burial Costs For All 17 People Killed in Bronx Fire

Cardi B is covering funeral costs for the 17 people killed in a Bronx fire on January 9th, which is Cardi’s hometown.

Cardi B is also covering the costs for some of the fire victims’ remains to be transported to Gambia in West Africa, where they are native.

The fire, the deadliest in New York City in more than 30 years, started from a defective space heater. Smoke spread throughout the 19-story building because of an open door. Eight children were among those killed.

In a statement, Cardi said she still has friends and family in the Bronx and knew she had to help. She said, “I hope that not having to worry about the costs associated with burying their loved ones will help as they move forward and heal.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams called Cardi B "a real superstar on and off the mic" for her generosity, adding that Cardi B provided "critical financial relief."

More than $4 million has been raised for victims via the Mayor's Fund's Bronx Fire Relief Fund and various GoFundMe campaigns.

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