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  • Ed Gaines

Bobby Brown Demands Justice After Losing Son to ‘Out of Control’ Opioid Crisis

Bobby Brown and his wife Kim Ward are seeking justice for their late son, Bobby Brown Jr.

One day after the Los Angeles County Coroner confirmed Bobby Jr. died from an accidental overdose of alcohol, cocaine and fentanyl, his parents have spoken out to demand that those who allegedly supplied him with the dangerous opioid are held responsible.

In a statement, Bobby said, “My family continues to mourn my son's death. Street fentanyl has taken the life of so many people unnecessarily and Bobby Jr. is another victim.”

He described the opioid crisis as "out of control.” Bobby also said,"Those supplying this lethal drug should be held responsible for the death and destruction that it causes."

According to Bobby Jr.'s autopsy report, his girlfriend told authorities that he had consumed tequila, cocaine and Percocet in the hours before his death.

Bobby and Kim's attorney said they believe Bobby Jr. took fentanyl "without his knowledge.” The report states that 21 nanogram per milliliter of fentanyl was present in his blood

The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office says the case is under review. No charges have been filed.

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