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  • Ed Gaines

Blues Vet Bobby Rush Is Quarantined at Home With Coronavirus Symptoms

Blues veteran Bobby Rush, who is 86-years-old, is in quarantine with COVID-19-like symptoms, but he has not been formally diagnosed. Rush’s manager said, “Rush is recovering from being sick with a cold or virus these past couple of weeks. We decided to keep it as a private matter so we could keep his phone lines clear so he could rest. We do not have the result of the COVID-19 test, but his symptoms have been consistent with coronavirus COVID-19. Over the last two weeks he had a bad fever for four days, aches, lack of appetite, a brief mild cough, and general weakness. The cough left, fever broke about a week ago, his appetite came back about five days ago, and his strength has been coming back in recent days.”  He has been quarantined at his home in Jackson, Mississippi and has been keeping a distance from his family.  Rush’s manager also said, “At this point, looking back at the severity of his symptoms, he feels like it's a miracle that he is feeling much better. Let us pray together that his strength will continue to increase, sustain, and that he will be protected for years and years to come.”

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