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Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker in Texas Pleads Guilty to Criminal Mischief

A Texas man pleaded guilty in court Thursday of licking a pint of Blue Bell ice cream in a viral video stunt before returning it to its shelf at a Walmart in Port Arthur.

D' Adrien Anderson, commonly known as "Dapper Don" on Facebook, uploaded a 20-second video of himself removing the tub of homemade vanilla ice cream from the freezer aisle of the store before opening and licking the dessert multiple times, and sticking his finger in it and then putting it back on the store shelf with the lid reattached. Anderson then purchased the ice cream and no charges were immediately filed against him.

Later, the prankster, who bragged that he "trolled all Southeast Texas" with the stunt, was charged with criminal mischief after the Walmart reportedly lost money replacing ice cream tubs and paying charges related to the police investigation.

Anderson, who faces up to a year behind bars and a maximum fine of $4,000, instead pled for leniency, asking the judge for probation.

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