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  • Ed Gaines

Beyoncé Storage Units Robbed of $1 Million in Luxury Goods

Thieves who recently hit Beyoncé’s storage units in Los Angeles walked away with luxury handbags and dresses worth more than $1 million.

Three storage units rented by the singer’s Parkwood Entertainment production company were burglarized twice by thieves earlier this month.

Los Angeles police said most of the items in the lockers were owned by Beyoncé, who is the latest celebrity to have her storage units robbed. A storage space belonging to Miley Cyrus was hit in January. Thieves made away with clothes, photographs and other personal items, according to the LAPD. In 2018, a storage unit belonging to Cyrus in the San Fernando Valley was also hit and thieves made off with valuable guitars.

No arrests have been made in the Beyoncé burglary.

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