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Afeni Shakur Biopic in the Works, With Jasmine Guy At The Helm

A biopic of Afeni Shakur — the late mother of rapper Tupac and a prominent member of the Black Panther party — is in the works from Amaru Entertainment and the Shakur Estate according to Variety.

The project titled, “Peace, Love & Respect; the Afeni Shakur/Panther 21 story,” is spearheaded by Amaru Entertainment and the Shakur Estate and counts Jasmine Guy as one of its executive producers. Guy, who wrote the 2005 biography “Afeni Shakur: Evolution of a Revolutionary,” talked to Variety about the film.

“I was honored when Afeni asked me to author her biography. Now, I have the opportunity to honor her life and her legacy on the screen, and I am very excited to share her remarkable story this way.”

The movie is the first to have the full backing of the Shakur estate.

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