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  • Ed Gaines

A Documentary About ‘90s Iconic Tarot Card Reader Miss Cleo Is Coming

A documentary about the iconic'90s tv psychic Miss Cleo is in production.

According to Deadline the Nonfiction entertainment studio XTR and production company Majority announced they are in production on a film about the famed tarot card reader, who became the centerpiece of a billion-dollar fraud investigation. Award-winning filmmaker Senain Kheshgi is directing.

Youree Dell Harris was an American television personality best known as Miss Cleo, a spokeswoman for a psychic pay-per-call service called Psychic Readers Network from 1997 to 2003. Harris used various aliases, including Cleomili Harris and Youree Perris.

"Miss Cleo" sent unsolicited emails. some of which stated, "[Miss Cleo has] been authorized to issue you a Special Tarot Reading!... it is vital that you call immediately!" Charges of deceptive advertising and of fraud on the part of the network began to surface around this time. Among the complaints were allegations that calls to Miss Cleo were answered by her "associates" who were actors reading from scripts, and that calls promoted as "free" were in fact charged for. Wikipedia

Harris developed colorectal cancer, which metastasized. She died under hospice care in Palm Beach, Florida on July 26, 2016, at the age of 53

No release date has been announced for Miss Cleo’s film.

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