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  • Ed Gaines

9-Year-Old Unlocks Her Dad's Phone With His Face To Call 911 As Carbon Monoxide Filled House

A 9-year-old in girl in Massachusetts, Jayline Barbosa Brandão, is being credited with saving her family after her parents were overcome by carbon monoxide.

The family was using a generator they had borrowed after a powerful nor'easter swept through the area. The girl was in her bed when she heard her dad yelling and ran to find him with his mom, who had lost consciousness.

Her dad was also overwhelmed by the gas, so she grabbed his phone to call 911. The iPhone was locked but she was able to hold it up to his face to unlock it using facial ID.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene and took five people from the house to the hospital for treatment.

Everyone is now okay thanks to the girl’s quick-thinking.

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