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72% of Locked-Down Americans Say They’ll Reach ‘Breaking Point’ By Mid-June

Americans all over the country are growing more and more impatient with coronavirus lockdowns. According to a new survey, Americans aren’t going to be able to bear this lockdown much longer. The survey found that 72% said they expect to reach a “breaking point” by mid-June if stay-at-home orders aren’t lifted. 100% of respondents said they would snap if this all lasts for longer than six months.  25% have reached their breaking point already. The top “breaking point drivers” for people were loneliness, constant arguments with one’s spouse or family, extreme worry over mundane activities like visiting the grocery store, and constant anxiety. The research also found that Americans are feeling ’extremely worried’ about some activites:

  • flying on an airplane (69%)

  • taking a cruise (76%)

  • going to a restaurant (62%)

  • using a ride-sharing service (58%)

  • going to the hospital if they suffer a medical emergency during the coronavirus outbreak. (53%)

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