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50 Cent Threatens ‘To Find and Put a Knot in’ Australian Artist Who Keeps Putting His Face On Murals

50 Cent has had enough. The rapper clapped back at an Australian street artist, Lushux who has been painting massive murals around Australia of 50 depicted as Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and more. Lushsux has been producing giant paintings of 50 Cent almost every day for the last two weeks as part of his project, “50 Month.”  In his latest attack, Lushsux unveiled a new painting on Monday of 50 Cent as US Vice President Mike Pence, followed by another one of him as Tekashi 6ix 9ine. A fed-up 50 Cent reacted to the painting yesterday by threatening to hunt the artist down in Australia and bash him. He said, “I'm sick of this sh-t, he think I can't find his ass in Australia. I'm a have a knot put right on his f—king head.” At first, 50 Cent complimented the artist's talent and commitment to the campaign.

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