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  • Ed Gaines

50 Cent Says He Advised Eminem to Not Respond to Nick Cannon: ‘You Can’t Argue With a Fool’

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson advised Eminem to not go back at Nick Cannon’s recent diss records.

Fiddy says, “I told him don’t even say nothing to him. The record is terrible.”

Cannon and some friends have actually dropped two diss tracks attacking Eminem: first “The Invitation” and then “Pray for Him.” Neither song has been particularly well-received by the internet.

For his part, all Eminem has contributed to this war of words (besides those old songs about Cannon’s ex-wife Mariah Carey, that verse on Fat Joe’s “Lord Above,” etc.) is a few tweets. 50 Cent added, “You can’t argue with a fool.  When you understand that a person is not registering even when they’re losing, then the argument goes forever. So you should just stop.”

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