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50 Cent Reacts to Street Murals Portraying Him as Donald Trump & More

50 Cent has unwillingly become the muse for an Australian street artist who has reimagined 50 in outdoor murals as Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Post Malone and others. Mural’s of 50 Cent have been popping up on random buildings in Australia by a Melbourne graffitist Lushux. One painting, titled "The 45 Fif President," depicts 50 Cent as President Trump. Another piece, named "Swifty Cent...Smash or Pass," portrays 50 as Taylor Swift. Yesterday, 50 shared his thoughts on Instagram about the mural of him as Vice President Mike Pence. He said, “This f---ing guy won’t stop, SMH I guess i’m not wearing a mask because i’m tested frequently.” 50 also commented on the graffitist’s portrait of him as Swift saying, “Swifty cent i’d like to hit this MF right in the back of his head while he doing this s—t.”

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