• Ed Gaines

3 in 10 are Smoking More Weed During the Pandemic

According to a new survey, about three in ten (29%) users are smoking more weed than normal during the coronavirus pandemic. 27% are smoking less. About 6% have quit smoking pot altogether because of the pandemic. Of course, these days there are plenty of other ways to consume marijuana besides smoking. To that end, 72% said they haven’t changed their cannabis habits, whether it’s from edibles, smoking, or oils. They have changed their shairng habits though: sharing bongs, pipes, and joints has dropped dramatically. About 72% of respondents have stopped sharing smoking apparatuses with others during the outbreak. Of those who continue to share, 38% admit they can’t stop this practice because of habit, while 29% don’t see a valid reason to avoid passing bongs or joints. And 32% said they just want to have some fun during the quarantine.

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